Beginners guide to American football

Are you a beginner to American football? You want to understand the mechanics of this game. Then this article is your first and last source to get to know the American football. Consider this as your beginner’s guide to one of the most watched sports show on earth, the American football. So let’s get started.

The basics

There are 22 players on the field playing against each other in the game of American Football. This sport is highly intense and much energetic game with many injuries taking place on the field. There is one team with 11 Men in possession of the football who are known as the offense trying to break through the defense of the opposing team of 11 men. The way the score is made is when the team holding the football sprints through the defense of the opposing team. And touchdown on the goal point in the ground by evading the opposing players.

The Field

The field is 100 meters long and 53 meters wide in the American football. The most important part of the field is the extended 10 yards on each side of the field. Both the teams try to score higher by running with the ball to those 10 extra yards. That is where the score points are decided. All the officials and the fans keep their eye on this particular part of the field.

The Timing

Each game is played for 15 minutes and there are four quarters of such 15 minutes of gameplay. After every quarter, there is a break of 12 minutes. If after the completion of every quarter of 15 minutes game, there is a draw then both the teams are allowed 15 minutes of extra time. During which the team who scores the first goal wins the game.

The American football is one of the most watched and enjoyed game around the world. It is the number one sport in the United States and from a very young age, the Americans enjoy watching as well as playing it. The super bowl is the biggest event in sporting arena of the United States of America. American football is the most loved and the most anticipated events for the American populace.