For guys only25 up What is the obsession with large breast

For guys only25  up What is the obsession with large breast

I have very large breast and I am seriously considering having a breast reduction. I told some of my male friends and they were begging me not to do it. I really don’t care about what they think because its my body. I wear a 44F…that’s too big. Let me know what you think guys. I read the female comments and most of you said that the younger generation is all about a cute butt BUT that is not true. Most of the guys I know like both and these are men that are in their late twenties; early thirties. I have a very nice but but my boobies get a lot of attention.

Public Comments

  1. thats their generation….younger guys like asss ๐Ÿ™‚ i’d say do it…my grandma is like that size and now she has back problems (don’t want that)
  2. MMMMMMMMMM I like bigh thighs and hips too(-; Wanna talk?
  3. I think a B is just right but I’d like to take a bunch of “before” pics of you if you decide to go through with it and then even more “after” pics. please???
  4. Hmmm….. Work with what your mama gave ya. ()
  5. hey if thats what u wanna do then i support u all the way and dont let any on e change ur mind but large breats r kind of fun to have to suck on i know that i love a big breasted woman i am 26 and i love big breast let me have u and them both and i will appreiciate them and u everyday
  6. do it — i prefer a smaller breast anyway — but large breasts can cause so many physical problems
  7. That’s probably a little too big and may cause back problems. I have had them all shapes and sizes, so it doesn’t matter to me.
  8. You Know even as a guy I don’t know what the deal is either. My wife has fairly large boobs and while I love them I would rather have them a bit smaller, she has considered getting a reduction her self and I support that if she wants to. she complains of her back hurting and thinks to a degree it is because of her boobs. anyways, go for getting the reducation if that is what makes you happy.
  9. we like em big because we can use em as pillows, suck on em, put our dick between them * called titty fucking* basically its all about sex plus they might look good on you because everyone is used to seein with those big breasts.
  10. guys prefer cute butts now
  11. Your boobs should match your body, no matter what anyone else says. You have to be comfortable with it. And as far as guys and boobs, its genetic. The third strongest drive in men, right after breathing and eating is sex, and boobs are the formost and most obvious component to sex. You might as well ask the guy to stop breathing rather than stop noticing your boobs.
  12. for some guys ti ts are a real turn on. actually smaller breasted women have more intense feeling in thier nipples and stimulating them drives them more wild than women with big ti ts. Big breasts for me look good when they are slightly showing but naked I prefer women with smaller breasts.

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