Keep your iPhone Data Safe

Keep your iPhone Data Safe

iPhone users can do just about anything with the popular mobile device. What many do not know, however, is that there are a wide variety of security risks when accessing the mobile web. Because the units are incredibly popular (making up nearly 10% of all mobile phones purchased last quarter), there becomes a greater necessity for protection. After all, while the online utilities may be convenient, they are incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Recent news was made regarding the “Stalker App”, a utility that gathers names of females in the local area, making it incredibly easy for con-men or other criminals to exploit users. The application actually accesses personal information, allowing the culprit to know anything about you that has been posted through online programs such as Facebook or Foursquare.

Another application that can cause issues for privacy is known as Firesheep. The app can capture any password information that has been sent over a public access network, essentially giving the individual all of your banking or email passwords in a matter of moments. When it comes to security, Firesheep is one of the biggest threats that an online users faces today.

When using your iPhone, you can actually access the internet via an encrypted network, protecting all of your personal information. Virtual Private Networks are used in a variety of ways, but iPhone users can access the internet via their connection, blocking any of these spying applications from caching the browsing history. This will protect the user from any attempts at phishing information, and those attempting to do so will be met with only encrypted rubbish, which of course is useless.
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The hijacking of information is one of the biggest threats to personal security that any iPhone user faces. The popularity of the mobile model has led to increased efforts on the part of information hackers to gather personal details in the hopes of leveraging them for personal gain. With a VPN service in use, users can enjoy unbridled access to the internet, while ensuring that anything that passes through the access point remains private and securely encrypted.

Apps such as the “Stalker App” and “Firesheep” are huge threats to personal privacy. The same VPN technology that circumvents national site blocking and protects the sensitive information held by many banking institutions can be employed to deliver a secure connection to the internet – even with your iPhone.